Monday, September 07, 2009

Almost ready to release

Almost ready for the first release of Energy Plus frontend, idfeditor. The link lists the features that are done. I'm in the process of testing by building and editing a simulation, and am finding the odd thing that needs fixing. There are many things I want to do to make creating a simulation easier, but they will have to come in future versions. Anyone who wants to test can checkout the svn tree and run "python".

One issue that I'm not sure about is regular crashes when calling QFileDialog. It doesn't crash each time it is called, but seemingly random. The traceback shows a call to free() in Qt. The PyQt folks may have some ideas, but has anyone else run into this? I'm not sure if it my Arch Linux setup which is somewhat bleeding edge.

I seem to remember something about QFileDialog and other modal dialogs having problems with free when they are deleted before they return. Something about re-entering the event loop when they are called but then exiting back at the callpoint. You might want to go investigate using those keywords.
Thanks Andrew. Found that link. Don't think it applies here.

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