Friday, November 12, 2004


Yasser Arafat will be viewed by some as a hero, others as a thug. Both views are fraught with political baggage, and I decline to take sides. He joins the large group of men who have exercised power, sent others to die and kill in his name, amassed wealth, and left a mess for others to clean up. It is very rare to see powerful people leaving a better world than when they started.

One thing I take issue with him and possibly his enemies and the western media; invariably when the word peace was used in news reports it meant someone or many had died in horrible ways. At best there have been lulls in the fighting, at worst the pugilists have stepped back to regroup and rethink their strategy before starting again. Stop insulting my intelligence by subverting this word, to quote a Hebrew prophet, 'saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.'

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Cultural Divide

No not that one.

We had our first snow yesterday. It is now wet and cold, and very grey. Typical November weather.

Two types of people become apparent. Those who love skiing, and are identifiable by their grins and a lightness in their step. Another couple weeks like this and the hills will open. But non-skiers are easily identified by a shuffling gait, shoulders hunched while they look for somewhere warm and dry to hide.

I like this time of year. We started playing hockey three weeks ago and I am slowly getting conditioned. The mountains are beautiful with a covering of snow.

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