Saturday, October 08, 2005

October 7, 2005 Commit-Digest

October 7, 2005 Commit-Digest

It seems the only way to find out what's happening in KDE is to read the commit logs. If I do that, I might as well write up a report about it. And I do have all the stuff to make it easy. So here is a tentative relaunch into the regular publishing of the Digest.

It is good to read what is happening. I love the sardonic comments about the vaunted speed improvements of Qt4. The back and forth discussions on d pointers.

I'm sticking with kdelibs and kdebase for now. I suspect that if I'm leading the willing helpers will follow, so I hope to have the whole thing soon, but we'll see. I sat down last night and thought, why not. So I started reading the logs, selecting the interesting ones, trying to get a feel of what is happening. Today I finished things up. It may be sparse, but I can handle sparse. Maybe if I keep it modest, I'll be able to sustain the effort and time.

Without sounding indispensable or whining, it seems that if I want to read a reasonably detailed report of what is going on, I got to write it. Fine. That was the motivation when I started this thing.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Same old

re Web Based Office

If I translate the for vs. against into market share, Microsoft is going to get a headache.

Does anyone think this is about technology? At best we would have an editor similar to what we see in with a button encouraging download of openoffice. And some type of magical virtualization technology (where have I seen this before?) where you can browse a remote storage site as simply as your own hard drive. Google/Sun takes a bunch of available pieces, hacks them together, and with the Buzz-Generator fills the media with stories of the next greatest thing.

Remember the context. Microsoft announced a short while ago a program identical to Google's adsomethingorother. A direct poke in the cash cow. This stuff is the tat for that tit. They are trying to get a reaction from Microsoft by poking their cash cow.

I despise these games that make up this industry. What I want and need is unimportant in these tectonic battles. Let them all go to hell while I use KOffice, warts and all.

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