Thursday, November 06, 2008

Not A Team Player (tm)

Impatient and cynical. Moody. With no understanding of the realities of the software business. Obviously don't write c++ code.

All this because I dare mention that Nokia has released a beta of a tool for Qt without source code.

(checking) This is a free software community, isn't it? We actually do believe in those things still, don't we?

And yes, I do write code, have been for many years. And have worked with a number of variations of designers. Always end up yearning for a text editor. I'm funny that way, goes with moody and cynical.

And no, seriously no, I will not use, look at or try a binary development tool. Been there, done that. Life is too short. In fact, offerings of that sort are taken by my flawed personality as an insult. Especially when I'm expected to be grateful, demeaned and condescended to.

Well said. I really don't understand why they don't publish the source right away. If the software is going to be GPLed anyway, why not release the previews under the GPL as well? Like you, I'm not interested in Qt Creator as long as it is not Free Software.
You, good sir, are quite right in what you say.
This is a free software community, the only thing we ask for is that our software is free. Why do the promise free software as opposed to releasing free software?
Release the source code, or it doesn't count. Repeatedly, I've had the feeling that how we respond to what happens now will affect how Nokia treats us in the future.
Agreed. Given that there are already, what, 3 open-source Qt-based IDEs already (Edyuk, QDevelop, Monkey Studio), I don't see why they can't adopt one of them and contribute to it, rather than compete in a saturated market. And then there are people still using Emacs or Vim and who won't touch an IDE.

Matt Smith
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