Thursday, November 06, 2008


I'm attempting not to be grouchy. We had our first snow fall of the year; wet, sloppy and cold. Although I probably wouldn't have noticed it as much if I wasn't walking the dogs, rolling in the wet grass trying to hide from them, and sliding down hills. They had fun.

Updated the Kubuntu box at work. There is a definite disadvantage to running an svn build of KDE; you see the shortcomings of the release scheme. Konqueror doesn't work on Kubuntu, no addressbar. That issue was fixed around a month ago. Maybe I should write things down so I can complain coherently. I like Konqueror, but somehow Kubuntu has consistently conspired against it's usage. I must say that KDE4 is nice looking. The menu was fixed to require clicking on the tabs to select. Not sure that is an improvement. I dislike clicking for some reason.

Olivia, our portuguese water dog, has a simple purpose in life. Every fall when I start wearing gloves, she isn't content until she has chewed one finger off. Her single minded focus is admirable. On a similar subject, has Nokia released the source to the Qt designer marketing trinket they threw at the wall last week?

Talked to a guy who is setting up a generator for his house so he can be self sufficient. He is quite sure this whole economic mess is going to get ugly. No guns though, this is Canada. A question; How is this turmoil affecting KDE developers who are spread all over the world?

I had the distinct privilege of running windows the other day. One of our vendors has an engineering application that won't run in wine, so I had an emulated copy of windows running. My hand got sore double clicking. I think it illustrates how bad ideas get entrenched in desktop software. I'm not a poster boy for throwing out everything, but some ideas need to go by the wayside. Including some of the things we do on the free desktop. The challenge is to come up with something better, which almost always requires quantum leaps in technological advancement and capability. I'm looking forward to Nepomuk actually changing how we see the stuff on our hard drives. Very challenging, not there yet, and there will be many iterations that will suck. Fun nonetheless. Like walking dogs in the first snowfall of the year.

kickoff tabs are still hover-switch by default, and you change the setting from whatever the distro has changed it to by right clicking on the button and select Launcher Settings
>> On a similar subject, has Nokia released the source to the Qt designer marketing trinket they threw at the wall last week?

Well for people that actually write C++/Qt code, Qt Creator friggen rocks even though it's only alpha. Source code is coming, don't be so impatient and cynical.
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