Friday, July 04, 2008


It seems the radeonhd driver doesn't work for everyone. Here are some links that are surprisingly difficult to find using Google.

Xorg radeonhd wiki page with many helpful links. There is a section about monitor detection issues that may help with misresolution issues. Also, for getting OpenGL working, How to setup DRI with radeonhd. Requires quite a bit of bleeding edge stuff. The urge to fiddle with xorg.conf and xorg drivers comes and passes quickly, especially if I have a reasonably working setup.

For those who are vehement that this all should be working NOW, I have a suggestion that will really help. Get yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and start humming. Hmmmmmmm. Do it as long as it takes for the video stack to stabilize. If you get the urge to flame someone, control yourself. Close your eyes. Hmmmmmmmmm. How can you expect things to improve if you don't do your part?

a thousand years
a thousand years

these eyes
are full.

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