Monday, June 09, 2008


If you are looking for a reason to move to KDE4, Gwenview is it.

I took some pictures of our dog for my wife to upload to Facebook, and to email to our daughter who is seeing the world with an Eeepc in her luggage. Our camera uses Xd memory cards, and I've got a handy Lexar JumpDrive usb dongle gizmo that reads all the card varieties that I use. I use KDE4, she is still in kde3.5. In kde4, it was a matter of mounting the drive in Dolphin, left click on the folder, run Start a Slideshow which loads Gwenview. It was easy and quick to select the pictures we wanted.

In Kde3.5.x, it was more difficult. Oh yes, there is digikam and other picture viewers. I ended up using kuickshow for speed and simplicity.

It's almost time to migrate. Everything else is coming along nicely. Gwenview is the killer app. Kudos to Aurélien Gâteau.

I must agree, gwenview from kde4 is really fast and really powerfull but simple and that is lovely.
I'm waiting that digiKam hits to KDE4. It is really needed for photograph management. Gwenview is great for image viewing but it's just image viewer :-)

I like to use Gwenview to show the few images on ~ or desktop but it lacks the great support for photographs what digiKam allows on KDE3. Gwenview for normal image usage and digiKam for photographs, that combination is just great!
I'll certainly try gwenview in KDE4 but I have to agree mith mikko that DigiKan is the real killer app. In KDE3 it is great but in KDE4: good browsing, sorting, searching; easy, quick tagging integrated into Nepomuk; geolocation using marble; and most fun of all fuzzy image search.
Thanks for the kind words, Derek!
in the planet rss feed, your post just kinda... stops, and the only indication it's cut off is that it stops in mid-sentence.
now I'm wondering how many of your posts I've only read the first half of...
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From my humble point of view (photography student and kde fan) Gwenview is far better than Digikam. What?! Well, they serve different purposes, and in it's category GWenview is outstanding, while Digikam is cluttered and frustrating, they really need a UI redesign, more like Aperture/iPhoto/Lightroom.
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