Thursday, May 08, 2008


No, not a political slogan

The headings in the menu are changed. Multimedia is now Sound & Video, Development is Programming, Accessories, System Tools.

We now have a cashew or whatever it's called taking up space on the limited and valuable real estate that makes up the panel.

Cookies and KWallet work again with Konqueror. Konqueror is getting better and better. A few crashes last week seem fixed.

Now to update to Qt 4.4.

I have to be honest I feel like the space on the task bar is precious, especially on smaller displays, and the cashew takes up too much of it. Can it be disabled? Does it need to be there? I can deal with it in the corner of the desktop but the task bar too? People rarely change the task bar settings and so I don't see the big issue with right clicking/going through system settings when you want to change it.
Well, konqueror-kde4 (i have kubuntu and kde 4.0.4) displays the source code of the sites.... any way to fix this? making the right program association to .html format or what? :-(
"Development is Programming"

what about gui development stuff or translation stuff (babel) that sits in development but is not actually programming

small gripe, not really necessary to change back if you don't think that it is a big deal
I think those are good changes to the menu - very clear although you didn't say what Accessories and System tools have changed to? Here on Kubuntu there are some really poor menu naming going on I have a section called 'system' and a section called 'settings' which is rather ambiguous (they could be rolled in to one) and I have a section called Utilities that have system utilities in as well as general utilities - very odd. All this pails in comparison to the ambiguity contained within the 'system settings' (another poorly named tool that should have system utilities intergrated in) tool that has two sections called 'system administration' and 'computer administration' what is the difference and oh lord why... Instead of moaning I should suggest a better set up - I shall start work on that this weekend maybe.

Extra Cashew - no idea why one isn't enough, I suspect it fills a different purpose and needs a different icon - if not then why, oh why, oh why.

Konqueror will be the bees knees with webkit, the wonderful Kubuntu folk I understand are helping out there so I won't need Opera/Firefox anymore as Konq is much better but let down by KHTML (I do appreciate KHTML and what it has achieved but it is time now to let it go)
I enabled comments without confirmation. Sorry for the delay. Hopefully the spam won't get out of hand.

Programming contains all the translation and gui stuff.

Accessories replace Utilities. Other has, umm, other stuff such as acroread.

System Tools has what used to be under System.

I'm sticking with khtml. I consider the khtml 4 as equivalents to RMS' single handed coding marathons when everyone wanted to close everything at the time. If we don't get why the Webkit saga is bad for free software, we deserve the broken and unworkable mess that the free desktop will become when control and direction of the desktop is taken by commercial interests. No one in their right mind would write khtml if money was an issue. It wasn't at the time, and it shows.


maybe the system and settings menus could be separated by things that need root privileges and stuff a user can use to change their own desktop and stuff. maybe there would be some way to require a password to access the menu, not a popup, a button, and we'd only have to enter the root pass once for all the apps.
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