Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cement Finishing as a Development Methodology

In one of my iterations, I worked for a cement finisher. We would pour slabs, driveways and basements. We would prepare the forms and the reinforcing, and when ready the concrete would arrive, and we would pour and finish the surfaces.

When the prep work was getting close, we would hear the announcement that the concrete would arrive in 30 minutes. The pace quickened as we tried to get everything done. The truck would arrive, the first concrete poured as everyone ran to complete the last of the preparations. Maybe. Concrete hides all, so the important stuff got done. Utter madness, process driven by the demands of the product.

On the 19th, a hard freeze was imposed for KDE 4.1. A flurry of last minute features are stuffed into the repository. Utter madness prevails until the panic passes and the loose ends get fixed up.

And the important part. Once it's done, everyone gets a cold one. A humble suggestion for naming the next beta: KDE4.1 beta2, Exposed Aggregate edition.

Following the tradition (?) of code names starting with "C", I'd be surprised if beta2 wouldn't be "Cement" :P
I'd say 'Concrete' :-)
Hi, Derek.
Would you mind putting your complete post on the RSS feed? You seem to be the only one on Planet KDE that shows up the "brief" form. Putting he whole article would make reading your posts easier on Akregator. ;)
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