Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kdevelop and Friends

First, I think I was a little over the top in my last post. Aseigo took me to task on vaporware. It ain't since we are running it. I repent in dust and ashes.

I'm now running KDevelop. If you want to build it, you need to start with kdevplatform, the kdevelop. I'll note any issues I have with it. The project handling is much better than the previous version, actually prompting it's use :). So far so good.

I noticed an odd glitch with KRunner. I haven't looked for Konversation, so I don't know if it's available for KDE4 yet. Kopete doesn't seem to have IRC support, at least with my setup. So I'm running a kde3 version of Konversation. The menu doesn't show (again, in my setup at least) any kde3 apps, so I start KRunner with alt-f2, type in the path and hit enter. Konversation runs, but I get an error from krunner saying it couldn't find it. Hmmm.

I turned the exploding windows effects off by editing the .kde/share/config/kwinrc file by hand. The fading out windows thingy is next to go. The taskbar plasmoid with pop up stuff becomes obtrusive after a while. Especially if it doesn't disappear right a way.

To ease the pain in the neck of building all the kde modules, I wrote a perl script that goes through all the PKGBUILD's, builds and installs them. It's cranking away slowly as I write. Speaking of pain in the neck, I woke up with a nasty one this morning. Still stiff and sore. Nothing staring at a computer screen won't make worse.

the krunner bug is actually a problem somewhere in the KRun stuff in kdelibs. i have to take a day (hopefully not more ;) sometime during the 4.1 bug fixing period to see what is going on their exactly.
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