Sunday, July 29, 2007

And Now The News

Strangely enough, this all seems normal. Two weeks ago, on the 15th at around 4PM, a thunderstorm made it's way down the valley, finally hitting us with rain and wind. We noticed the water running up the hill instead of down, and watched as two trees slowly fell over in our yard. One hung up on the telephone lines, the other hung up on other trees over the truck. I moved the truck, and it promptly fell to the ground. Our neighbor had a beautiful lakefront with shade trees. They all came down. Quite a mess.

Friday I was on a roof in town, and could see a large plume of smoke over the mountain above our house. There is a large fire a few miles away. The prevailing winds are blowing it away from the valley, at least for now. The fire suppression crews are settling in for a long one. Once a fire gets this big, it can only be contained. We have 5-6 weeks of good burning weather ahead. This picture is from across the road in front of our house.

Hopfully nothing serious happens
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