Thursday, July 26, 2007

$150 Linux Laptop

Check this out. Medison Celebrity laptop, for $163 canadian. Linux based.

I'm running (as a manner of speaking) KDE on an older Toshiba, 400mhz, 96mb ram. This would be an improvement. And cheap enough just to try out.

I'm going to watch a bit to see if any horror stories arise.

This looks like a fake (in French: )

Just the hard drive and the screen would cost more than that.

Hi Derek,
I have found this article on slashdot.
Based on this
link, it looks like a scam.
Phoronix has been trying to figure out whether its a hoax or not : unfortunately they arent sure (article)
That seems like a really good deal! It is about the same as my 4 year old laptop which cost $1400 at that time. Please post an update if you find any good/bad reviews on it, 'cause I'm in the marker for a newer (smaller) laptop.
Some people think that this is not a serious offering, because they only take credit card and the shipping time is four to six weeks. Also the CPU isn't on Intels pricelist anymore. The possibility to get back the money of a credit card payment is also only for six weeks. I would wait until it is sure that this is a serious offer.

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