Thursday, July 26, 2007

$150 laptop a scam?

I don't know. I was going to wait for someone else to find out :)

Here are some links for discussion: (in french), slashdot, And probably many others.

There is a 6 week delivery, so we won't find out for a couple of months whether this is real or not.

If the price point is a difficulty, I can get a very well appointed brand name laptop at the local Walmart for under $600 canadian. Put in a cheap underperforming 3 generations back CPU, get rid of Windows, small amount of ram and do direct sales (Walmart is probably getting $100, Microsoft around $70, service and warranty charges another $30, etc.) and you could see a price around $150-200.

I suspect we will see a large number of these offers in the next while.

Buyer beware. The again, I bought a $300 Zen from Creative that lasted 4 months, and they want money to tell me if they will fix it or not.

The thing doesn't have a CD or floppy so you're going to have to spend more$ to be able to add any significant apps easily an play disks etc.
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