Saturday, June 23, 2007


Christian Ehrlicher considers what I said is stupid. I would agree most of the time, but not this time.

Within a very short time, I ran into a situation where the full power of a platform was compromised for the goal of cross platform compatibility. This particular situation would mean me using 3 threads instead of 2 using the linux services. This in a quite trivial little app. I know I'm stupid, and I hesitate to add unnecessary complexity. I have trouble keeping up as it is.

A cursory examination of the win32 services shows that I would have to have two different applications in this instance, the two platforms being so different. Again, this for something very trivial.

The time and energy it takes to work around the compromises necessary for cross platform will take away from the quality of the application. Cross platform isn't free, even with an excellent toolkit as Qt.

No one is forcing you to port your stuff. If you don't want to even think about Windows support, then don't. If someone else is interested enough, they will do the work, and then you can still decide whether to take the patch or not.
If you ask me (and you didn't but I'll answer anyway), make your app work nicely on POSIX-like systems (namely GNU/Linux and *BSD), and if it works on other systems (= M$ Windows), cool, if it doesn't you can either try to do some #if _WINDOWS_ #else directives to make the new thread you mentioned, or just ignore it and make your app print out a message that it will work with reduced capabilities on those OS-es.

I am looking forward to seeing amaroK, Konqueror, KDevelop & the rest of the crew running around those other systems and replacing explorer.exe files with startkde, but if it doesn't work, I wouldn't care too much if at all. Portability shouldn't reduce usability.
Check out QExtSerial for platform independent access to the serial port.

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