Saturday, July 16, 2005


Do you know how long it takes to rsync all of the svn repository into an empty directory? As opposed to updating an existing one? This was a question I hadn't asked and wasn't interested in knowing, but found out at my own hand. Let's see... I started the rsync around 6pm friday, and it wasn't done when I sat down at around 3pm saturday. My investigative abilities restored by sleep and rehydration found the problem.

No harm except a late Digest :)

Yes we are in our crazy season at work. A local government office had their servers quit due to overheating this week, so we installed a system in record time, this in between a very large number of emergencies. Not much of me left at the end of the day. This will go on for another couple of weeks, then poof! everyone will vanish for their August holidays and sanity will return. Although it is good for one's self esteem (and wallet) when you feel needed.

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