Friday, April 22, 2005


I guess I've got to rename the whole mess. KDE Commit Digest. There.

The scripts that generate the digest are almost rewritten to accommodate subversion. The scm is determined by the revision number (1.2 vs 443245). Either scm can be read from to generate the digest lists or diffs. This means older issues will still be available. I will keep a local copy of the cvs repository for that purpose. I set up a test server and am in the process of bringing it all together. This gives me a chance to clean up some cruft that accumulated. The statistics script isn't written yet, nor have I set up a local mirror for performance.

Once I've got something working, I will post the url. There won't be any visible difference to the readers, just different backends.

thanks for keeping this up, it's greatly appreciated =)

hmm.. KDE Development Digest? =)
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