Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Digest test server

Almost everything works as expected. A minor issue with the diffs, but otherwise all is well.

Here is an issue that has about 1/4 of the commits referring to svn. http://cvs-digest.org:8080/?issue=mar122005. This is otherwise the same as the march 11 issue. The trunk module has all of the svn ones. It looks almost the same as the cvs one.

The digest and diff classes call a query class that instantiates either the cvs or svn class depending on version number. The scm descendant classes do the necessary magic to fetch data from either repository, returning an array with the same structure. The diff class was refactored to simplify things. The various parts of the diff, such as graphics, sound, unified now all inherit from a parent that defines the common behaviour. This has helped keep consistency in the views. The image diff used to checkout the image, cache it to a file then the img src was the cache file. Now the img src is a call to the transfer class that checks out the image. A few other cleanups were done to tidy up some messes and remove old code.

With subversion support I can recommend this to anyone else who wants to produce a commit digest for their project. To work with cvs required substantial hacks, a local repository and a bunch of headaches. With subversion, the repository can be remote or local.

The test server has caching disabled, so I've disabled the all in one page. It takes too long to generate it, and no use trashing the server too badly. Expect some delays as the scripts fetch the data from svn.kde.org. Once this code is in production, caching will make a huge difference.

Help me Dude, I'm lost.

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"You give me love and consolation,
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Strange day or what? :-)
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