Monday, February 14, 2005


Thinking of tools and craftsmen has brought back to mind some stories. Discussing my trade with an older gentleman who had an interest in refrigeration, he asked what tools I had. I described my meager tool collection (embarrassingly so considering the money I make out of them), and he asked whether I had the Whamo-Gizmo-Super-Duper something or other which he considered the cat's meow of tools. I said that I didn't need that, and it probably would be more of a nuisance. He was offended, and in his eyes I had shown my incompetence. My father is a craftsman, a carpenter with vast experience and knowledge, and an equally vast collection of tools. He had a garage that was full of tools and materials, with no apparent order. I would borrow a tool to do something, and would put it back in the garage, usually on the first horizontal surface that I found. Invariably a few days later Dad would ask where did I put the tool that I borrowed. He knew where everything was, and was quite productive in his work. When I started working in construction, I used an inexpensive hammer. At the end of the day my hand was sore, my arm stiff. I purchased a good hammer, and was surprised a how much better it felt. The best tools are those that allow me do what I can't do and don't get in the way of what I can. Derek

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