Saturday, October 30, 2004


That is the noise made by prying my eyes away from the political blogs. I feel much better :)

Some further tests of subversion. Here I compare a checkout from a Kde repository on a local drive, and a subversion database on the same drive. The subversion db has only kdelibs. The working copies are in two different directories.

$ time svn checkout file:///home/extra/kde-svn/trunk
Checked out revision 55637.

real    4m33.469s
user    0m31.633s
sys     0m15.543s

$ time cvs -d /home/www/kde_repository checkout kdelibs
real    1m31.395s
user    0m2.975s
sys     0m5.156s

So at least using a local checkout, Subversion is quite a bit slower. Would accessing a server show similar results?

The next test will be doing a diff of the two checked out working copies. A quick check shows missing subdirectories, but I will research further.

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