Monday, September 06, 2004

Change is good

I've built a new layout for the weekly digest. Please comment on anything you would like to see.

The one-page digest is getting too big. There is too much information to digest easily, so the new layout breaks things up into sections. If you want to see selected commits from one module, or Konqueror fixes, it is now easy to do. This will allow me to break up the selected commits into smaller parts; bugs are either important or simply minor fixes referring to, or wishlist implementations.

tink suggested grabbing the top ten bug fixer to add to the statistics. That is coming soon. Another possibility is per-module summaries.

First some hopefully constructive criticism:

1. The navigation bar on the left could be improved (especially the picture :-P ), imho. I think it is confusing because the group of links (by type, by modules, etc) are not seperated enough visually. To solve this you could put each group in a box, make the heading bolder and indent the links a little more. Or have a look at and get some "inspiration" :-).

2. After selecting a module I was expecting to see the links "features" and "bugfixes" at the top. Well, they are not :-). After a while I saw that they are on the left in the navigation menu. I suggest you add them to the top of the page too because it feels awkward to scroll down ->select modules ->(page loads)->scroll down->select bugfix/feature.

3. I don't like gray as a background color but that is just a matter of personal taste.

Well, so much for my humble criticism.

The real reason for my reply:
I just wanted to say that it would be nice if you could add the top ten bug fixer at some prominent place. kde-quality is currently discussing about organizing a bug squashing day and seeing ones name at some place in the cvs-digest could provide some real motivation for a lot of users.
I'm working on the top ten bug fixer as we speak. It should be ready for this coming week.

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