Saturday, June 19, 2004

Free speech

As someone who regularly says outrageous things, I value the right. I regularly say things others vehemently disagree with. Makes for good fun.

So now it seems Microsoft has a corporate strategy to stifle negative comments about themselves. No fooling either. Let's get a judge to shut them up.

Quoting from Lawrence Lessig's Blog,

Apparently Microsoft has taken the first steps to filing a criminal defamation action against a Brazilian government official who was quoted criticizing Microsoft in a magazine article. Sergio Amadeu, head of the agency responsible for spreading free software within the Brazilian government, is reported to have accused “the company of a 'drug-dealer practice' for offering the operational system Windows to some governments and cities for digital inclusion programs. 'This is a trojan horse, a form of securing critical mass to continue constraining the country'.

Maybe Microsoft would like to hear a little bit of free speech. Here is their corporate feedback page.

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